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Personal Shopper


Olivier Assayas, the internationally-acclaimed director of Clouds of Sils Maria and Summer Hours, returns with this ethereal and mysterious ghost story starring Kristen Stewart as a high-fashion personal shopper to the stars who is also a spiritual medium. Grieving the recent death of her twin brother, she haunts his Paris home, determined to make contact with him.


"Amid all the shifting mirrored surfaces and hazy ambiguities of Olivier Assayas's bewitching, brazenly unconventional ghost story, this much can be said with certainty: Kristen Stewart has become one hell of an actress." - Time Out.


"It works in two realms: as an engrossing ghost story and a drama that addresses profound matters of life and death." - Washington. Post.


"At any point in "Personal Shopper," you may be watching a ghost story, a psychological thriller, a stalker drama, or a twisted love story. Assayas insists they can coexist, and likewise Stewart refuses to define exactly who Maureen is." - The New Republic.


105 mins., Rated R.



Donald Cried - Opens April 21st


Peter Latang left working-class Warwick, R.I., to reinvent himself as a slick Wall Street mover and shaker. Fifteen years later, when he's forced to return home to bury his Grandmother, he loses his wallet on the trip. Stranded, the only person he can think of to help him out is his neighbor and former childhood friend Donald Treebeck. Donald hasn't changed a bit, and what starts as a simple favor turns into a long van ride into the past.


"Waterworks are sparse in "Donald Cried," but there's plenty of anxious, cringe-inducing humor to be found in writer-director-star Kris Avedisian's comedy of discomfort." - Variety.


85 mins, Rated R.

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