Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes has movie reviews and more on its website generated by top movie critics and general audience members alike. The site can be used as a search tool to find and review what's playing at Cinema Center or movies you might want to watch at Cinema Center.


The Internet Movie Database has a complete listing of past, present, and future movies. See a movie you would like to see? Let us know!

Apple Trailers

The Apple Trailers page has movie clips, featurettes and trailers of past, present, and future movies. Let us know if you see any new movies you may enjoy and get a visual of what's playing at Cinema Center to see if you'll like it.

Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert was one of the longstanding movie critics of our modern era. The site has reviews from the world's best movie critics, see what they think about what's playing at Cinema Center!

IMP Awards

Internet Movie Poster Awards has poster and tagline awards, puzzles, and more on their comprehensive movie poster website. Try and find your favorite Cinema Center movie poster for your Timeline backdrop or desktop image.
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