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In the pursuit of love and the better side of humanity, Ethan must face many obstacles, some that threaten to end his quest. As he makes his way through this kaleidoscope of challenges, he meets an eclectic mix of people who help him better understand life and its complexity.

Country of Origin: Canada

Language: English

Director: Mani Nasry

Writer: Alejandro Leopardi

Producer: Mani Nasry

Subtitles: no

Run Time: 1hr 26

Key Cast: Cory Lee, Humberly González, Sera-Lys McArthur, Shiva Negar, Shauna Bonaduce, Clare Preuss, Joan Gregson, Krista Morin, Lara Daans, Marcia Bennett, Rosalba Martinni, Tamara Almeida, A.C Peterson, Brandon Ludwig, Juan Carlos Velis, Mani Nasry, Anita La Selva , Janice Kingsley, Gabe Grey