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Day of the Western Sunrise

In June 1955, the Japanese tuna trawler Daigo Fukuryu Maru (Lucky Dragon No. 5) accidentally encountered an early hydrogen bomb test conducted by the U.S. Day of the Western Sunrise is a beautifully animated documentary that follows three survivors of this encounter. Their story is a reminder that people have the ability to make decisions for both good and ill, and those decisions can affect generations.

Sunday, 3:15 pm

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Tin Can

J.C. came to America as an illegal immigrant when he was just a child. As an adult, he still lacks citizenship but has persevered and prospered working as a rodeo clown. When he finds himself down on his luck, he ends up near the Mexican border where he risks getting kicked out of the only country he knows.

Sunday, 5:00 pm

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Last Call

Last Call follows a suicidal alcoholic on the anniversary of his son’s death. When he attempts to call a crisis hotline, a misdial connects him with a single mother working as the night janitor at a local community college. The split screen showcases both characters in real time as they navigate a life-changing conversation.

Sunday, 7:15 pm

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A bus is on a journey across the mountains to Kabul. Each person on the bus has a reason to take this journey, including an ailing old man traveling to give a turkey to his grandchild. However, the main road is blocked by insurgents. They decide to use an alternative road, which is not very secure and also carries with it the possibility of getting caught by insurgents.

Saturday, 6:00 pm

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