Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Cinema Center. If you don’t see your question listed below, just call or shoot us an email at
  • Where are you located?
    437 E. Berry St.
    Fort Wayne, IN 46802

    Here's a
    Google Map

    We’re on the corner of Clay and Berry streets in downtown Fort Wayne in the Hall Community Arts Center. The theater is located at the back of the building.
  • Where can I park?
    There’s free parking 24/7 in the lot across Clay Street. After 5 p.m. and on the weekends, you can park in the Frontier Communications lot just past the Feichter building on Berry St.
  • What is your phone number?
    260.426.3456 (FILM)
  • How do I know what movies are playing?
    Please view our Schedule

    You can also call (260) 426-3456 for current films and showtimes.
  • What are your ticket prices?
    $8 General Admission
    $6.50 Students & Seniors
    $5 Cinema Center Members
    $4 Student & Senior Cinema Center Members

    Cinema Center accepts cash or checks for tickets and concessions.
  • Do I have to be a member to attend?
    Absolutely not. We encourage everyone to take in a movie at Cinema Center. Membership does, however, have its rewards. Check out our Membership page for more details.
  • I want to join. How do I purchase a membership?
    It's easy! You can purchase memberships from our online store.
  • When do you know what you're playing next?
    Normally, we don’t book movies more than a few weeks out. We'll often have a general idea of what’s coming up, but the availability of titles to a market our size and the number of potential movies makes booking too far in advance difficult. In addition, if a movie is doing well, we'll hang on to it longer and may have to move future bookings.
  • Can I suggest a movie?
    Sure! Fill in our suggestion box
  • Can I rent the theater and/or the lounge space?
    We do rent our spaces. Contact us at with some of the details (e.g., reason for rental, possible date, time frame, whether you want to show a movie or not, etc.) and we can discuss possible rental and rates.
  • How do you pick the movies?
    We take in a number of factors when booking movies. First, we look at films that have received critical acclaim. We also strive for a mix of types of films, (e.g. comedy, drama, foreign, documentary, etc.). In addition, we consider whether a film will be financially successful for Cinema Center by looking at how much business it has done. We also take suggestions from the community!
  • Why does it take a while from when I hear about a movie until it comes to Cinema Center?
    For smaller, independent films like the ones we show, distributors release them first in larger cities, gauge their success, and then make determinations on if and when to release a movie nationwide. If a film is successful, they will make more prints and release it widely more quickly. If it isn’t, they’ll slowly expand to more cities. Unfortunately, Fort Wayne, due to its size and the relatively small amount of business it has done for films in the past, is lower on distributors’ lists. Even with the advent of digital cinema and its reduction in the cost of creating 35mm film prints, distributors still use this system of “platforming” to determine how much to spend to market a film and also, in some cases, to build word-of-mouth anticipation for a film.
  • I made a movie. Can I get my movie shown at Cinema Center?
    We have screened many locally produced movies here at Cinema Center. Contact us at with info about your movie, and most likely, we can figure out a time and date to screen it.
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