Cinema Center's education philosophy encourages an open attitude toward all media. Quality moving picture media are informative, inspiring, uplifting, entertaining and part of daily life. New media, especially the Internet, are important elements of our technological future. Creating educated viewers who easily ignore inferior, sensational or exploitative programming is more effective and beneficial than telling people to just "turn it off." Encouraging people of all ages to be informed and educated media consumers is our educational goal.   
Cinema Center offers various educational opportunities. These include:
Movie Talk — Each month, the Cinema Center Education Committee hosts an informal post-movie conversation. Movie Talk takes place the third Sunday of the month after the 2pm matinee. The discussions are held in our new Spectator Lounge (formerly Artlink). We discuss whatever movie is featured for the matinee. If you just love to talk about movies, this is a great opportunity to chat with other movie fans.
IPFW Summer Film Course — Each Summer, Cinema Center and IPFW collaborate in presenting a series of movies available for fun or credit.
Special Events, Panel Discussions and more — Cinema Center often sponsors events that enhance our programming. We present speakers, filmmakers, demonstrations and panel discussions whenever we can. Recent events have included: Myo Myint speaking after a screening of "Burma Soldier," and a wine tasting after a screening of "Sideways."
Your event here! If you work with a community group and know of a film that would benefit the cause of your group, please give us a call. We love working with other community groups to raise awareness of causes and concerns, whether they’re local, national or global.
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