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Dear friend of Cinema Center,

This year marks the first time in more than a century that technology has catapulted a revolution in the actual way movies are projected onto theater screens. For over 100 years, cinemas across the world have used little more than 35mm film and light to fill their screens, creating some of the most iconic images of all time.

However, the time for 35mm projection is coming to an end this year, and that’s why Cinema Center needs your help today. If we don’t raise $50,000 to convert to a digital projection system, Cinema Center will sadly fade to black, never to show films again. 

Many smaller film distributors have already halted production of 35mm film, opting to move their films to the less expensive digital format. Because of this, Cinema Center has missed several crucial programming opportunities, and if we do not raise the necessary funds for a digital projector, there will be even more independent, documentary, and foreign films that will never screen at Cinema Center. 

It’s not just the smaller distributors who are going digital. Early this year, Fox Searchlight, one of our biggest distributors and the company behind Cinema Center favorites like Beasts of the Southern Wild, Hitchcock, and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, stopped production of 35mm film prints for theatrical screenings. Cinema Center has also received notices from our other large distribution partners, Sony Pictures Classics and Focus Features, who have begun to scale back 35mm print production. By the end of 2013, their films will be available only in a digital format.

In order for Cinema Center’s theater doors to remain open and for us to continue fulfilling our mission of showcasing film as an art form, we must raise $50,000 for a new digital projector now. 
Please do your part by clicking on the “Donate” button (at the top right of this page) and making a generous tax-deductible gift to Cinema Center. You’ll be playing an extremely crucial role in allowing our theater to remain a viable arts organization, giving Cinema Center the ability to survive well into the 21st century. This is your chance to ensure the art house theatrical experience will not end this year, but will endure for future generations to enjoy.


Jonah Crismore
Executive Director
Cinema Center
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