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A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night Poster


A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Opens January 2nd (Subtitled from Persian)


In the Iranian ghost-town Bad City, a place that reeks of death and loneliness, the townspeople are unaware they are being stalked by a lonesome vampire. The first Iranian Vampire Western ever made, Ana Lily Amirpour's debut basks in the sheer pleasure of pulp. A joyful mash-up of genre, archetype, and iconography, its prolific influences span spaghetti westerns, graphic novels, horror films, and the Iranian New Wave.


"Just when you thought you'd seen every possible variation on the vampire tale, along comes an Iranian bloodsucker romance set to spaghetti-Western music." - Entertainment Weekly.


"Even as Ms. Amirpour draws heavily from various bodies of work with vampirelike hunger, she gives her influences new life by channeling them through other cultural forms, including her chador-cloaked vampire." - New York Times.


"In almost every decision the director makes, there is a calculated risk, more heartening each time she takes it." - Los Angeles Times.


104 min., Unrated.



SuperDeafy Movie Poster


No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie

One Time Showing - Sunday, January 4th at 6pm

Regular Pricing Applies.


A Discussion led by Deaflink, a hearing impaired advocacy group will take place at the end of the film.


When a deaf actor who plays a superhero on television looks beyond his cape to influence a deaf boy to redefine what "being normal" means, he also finds inspiration to transform himself.


79 min., Rated PG.



Force Majeure Poster


Force Majeure - Opens January 9th

(Subtitled from Swedish)


A critical favorite and word-of-mouth sensation at this year's Cannes Festival, where it took the Jury Prize in Un Certain Regard, this wickedly funny and precisely observed psychodrama tells the story of a model Swedish family-handsome businessman Tomas, his willowy wife Ebba and their two blond, pre-teen children-on a skiing holiday in the French Alps. The sun is shining and the slopes are spectacular but, during lunch at a mountainside restaurant, an avalanche turns everything upside down. With panicked diners fleeing in all directions, Ebba calls out for her husband as she tries to protect their children. Tomas, however, makes a decision that will shake the family's world to its core.


"Force Majeure is both funny and sad, often in the same glance-averted instant. See it with someone you'd trust to stick around in an avalanche. It's one of the highlights of 2014." - Chicago Tribune.


"This brilliant, viciously amusing takedown of bourgeois complacency, gender stereotypes and assumptions and the illusion of security rubs your face in human frailty as relentlessly as any Michael Haneke movie." - New York Times.


"As adroitly written and directed by Sweden's Ruben Ostlund, Force Majeure is a precise film about an out-of-control situation." - Los Angeles Times.


120 min., Rated R.



Son of a Gun Poster


Son of a Gun - Opens January 23rd


Locked up for a minor crime, 19 year old JR (Brenton Thwaites) quickly learns the harsh realities of prison life. Protection, if you can get it, is paramount. JR soon finds himself under the watchful eye of Australia's most notorious criminal, Brendan Lynch (Ewan McGregor). But protection comes at a price; Lynch and his crew have plans for their young protégée. Upon release, JR must help secure Lynch's freedom, staging a daring prison break and joining his crew as they plan a gold heist that promises to deliver millions. However, as things start to go wrong, a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues. JR finds himself unsure of whom he can trust and on a collision course with his former mentor.


108 min., Rated R.



Records Collecting Dust Poster


Records Collecting Dust - One Time Showing

Friday, March 13th

Regular Pricing Applies.


Written and directed by San Diego based musician and filmmaker Jason Blackmore, Records Collecting Dust documents the vinyl record collections, origins, and holy grails of alternative music icons Jello Biafra, Chuck Dukowski, Keith Morris, John Reis, and over thirty other underground music comrades.  Featuring interviews with: Jello Biafra, Chuck Dukowski, Keith Morris, Mike Watt, John Reis, David Yow, Matt Caughthran, Nick Oliveri, Joey Castillo, Lisa Fancher, Justin Pearson, Matt Pike, Greg Anderson, Mario Rubalcaba, Mike Neider, Clifford Dinsmore, Kira Roessler, Clay Tarver, Danny Benair, David Markey, Sonny Kay, Scott Martin, Howie Pyro, Edward Colver, Matt Anderson, Bryan Ray Turcotte, Pall Jenkins, Pat Thomas, Steve Stanley, Carlos "Cake" Nunez, Bob Barley, Larry Boothroyd, Tom Flynn, Steve Tupper, Thaddeus Robles, Roger Lane and Craig Oliver.  Live performances from: Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, The Locust and Big Business.

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