Movie Schedule


Weekday Matinee prices are in bold.


Thursday, June 30th

3:00 Dark Horse

6:30 Dark Horse


Friday, July 1st

2:00 Weiner

6:00 Dark Horse

8:00 Weiner


Saturday, July 2nd

3:00 Weiner

5:00 Dark Horse

7:00 Weiner


Sunday, July 3rd

12:00 Hamlet - A RSC Production

4:00 Dark Horse

6:00 Weiner


Monday, July 4th

2:00 Dark Horse

4:00 Weiner


Tuesday, July 5th

4:00 Weiner

6:00 Dark Horse

8:00 Weiner


Wednesday, July 6th 

4:00 Dark Horse

6:00 Weiner

8:00 Weiner


Thursday, July 7th

3:00 Dark Horse

6:30 Weiner

8:30 Weiner




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Ticket Prices
Weekday Matinees before 5pm: 

$7 General Admission

$5.50 Seniors / Students

$3 Members

$2 Senior / Student Members


For Weekday Matinees, please use

our gravel parking lot across Clay

Street. Frontier and Haller & Colvin

parking lots are only available after 5pm.


Evening and Weekend:

$9 General Admission

$7.50 Seniors / Students

$5 Members

$4 Senior / Student Members


Purchase Tickets Online Here


Online Ticketing Terms & Conditions

Secure Online Ticketing is facilitated by PayPal

with your PayPal Account or your Debit/Credit Card.


If you are purchasing a ticket as a Member,

Senior, or Student please be sure to bring a valid

form of identification as well as your Member

card. Our helpful Box Office staff will be able to

look up your Membership by first and last name.

If your Membership is not current or you have

purchased an incorrect ticket type you will be

asked to pay the difference of the ticket

price or will be refused admission.


Refund Policy: Online ticket purchases may only

be refunded if Cinema Center is notified 1

hour prior to the advertised start time of a

screening. If requested on a weekend,

refunds will be issued on the following














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